North America’s largest cheese plant, located in Clovis, New Mexico, hosted Governor Martinez today as she signed SB72, the Right to Farm Act.  Designed to protect our state's farmers and ranchers from frivolous lawsuits, the law will ensure a successful future for agriculture in New Mexico.    “We are grateful to the members of the legislature, and Governor Martinez, for recognizing that agriculture is a vital part of New Mexico’s economy and deserves relief from agenda driven litigation,” said Mike White, President of New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau.  “Agriculture is unique in that it was the state’s only industry that experienced growth this past year.  Continuing lawsuits would have hampered that growth.”  Chad Smith, NMF&LB’s CEO said “While the law does help traditional farmers and ranchers, organic growers and wineries will benefit most from the Right to Farm Act since they tend to operate in undeveloped pockets of land near subdivisions and city centers.  Measures included in the Right to Farm Act guarantee that those who like to eat local can still find their favorite food products at local farmer’s markets.”