We need your help! Please take some time to contact these legislators and tell them you oppose HB163. #notoHB163NM

HB163: Unimproved Land Property Tax Valuation

Sponsored by Rep. Nate Gentry, Rep. Bobby Gonzales, Sen. Peter Wirth and Sen. Steve Neville, HB163 creates a new conservation schedule for property taxation purposes. Unimproved land used primarily to conserve the land under a qualified conservation management plan shall be valued at five percent of its current and correct value. Eligibility for this method of valuation is limited to unimproved land (1) valued in the previous year as agricultural land but which is no longer eligible for that status and (2) is either greater than 10 acres or, if less, has water rights for agricultural purposes. NMF&LB opposes this bill as a top priority since current tax law already allows for a conservation designation, the bill impedes economic activity and it reduces tax revenue available to school districts.

HB163 has been scheduled in House Local Government, Elections, Land Grants & Cultural Affairs Committee for tomorrow (Thursday), February 1, 2018 at 1:30 pm in capitol room 315.

Here is the committee contact information:

Miguel Garcia (D) Chair   505.986.4844

Daymon Ely (D) Vice Chair   505.986.4336

David Adkins (R)   505.986.4467

Zachary Cook (R)   505.986.4233

Doreen Gallegos (D)   505.986.4780

Nate Gentry (R)   505.986.4757

Debbie Rodella (D)   505.986.4329

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our offices. Thank you for your time and effort on this legislation!