Chatting with Chad, Right to Farm

Thank you.  Thank you to those of you who called your lawmakers to express your support as we worked to get SB72 – The Right to Farm Bill, passed.  By a vote of 38-29 it made it out of the legislature and the next stop is the Governor’s desk.  But it’s not a sure thing.  There are lots of well-funded activists groups that are flooding social media with requests that the bill be stopped.  You need to be just as vocal in your support of the bill.  Why?  Because it strengthens protections for New Mexico’s farmers, ranchers and dairy families as you engage in typical agricultural activities and prevents frivolous or agenda driven litigation. In essence, it ensures a successful future for agriculture.  So now is the time for us to be our own advocate/activist.  Call Governor Martinez at 505-476-2200 and urge her to sign the Right to Farm Bill.