New Mexico Livestock Board Meeting Recap

New Mexico Livestock Board Meeting Recap

New Mexico Livestock Board

August 8th, 2019 – Albuquerque, NM

This was the first meeting of the newly appointed livestock board. Secretary of Agriculture Jeff Witte attended the meeting as Interim Executive Director to assist the new members in this meeting. After a welcome from the secretary, the board began with their first item of business-election of officers. Tara Vander Dussen nominated Molly Manzanares for chair, Toby Dolan for vice chair and John Conniff as secretary. All three were elected to those respective positions. Your newly elected New Mexico Livestock Board consists of the following members: 

Chair: Molly Manzanares – Tierra Amarilla

Vice Chair: Tobin “Toby” Dolan – Las Vegas

Secretary: John N. Conniff – Las Cruces

Rita M. Padilla-Gutierrez – Jarales

Kathy Charise Longinaker – Santa Fe

Morgan Switzer-McGinley – Mesilla

Edward Paul Torres – Bosque Farms

Tara M. Vander Dussen – Clovis

Tony Casados, Jr. – Tierra Amarilla

 The board did not discuss any issues related business. The purpose of the meeting was more of an orientation for this board to help them become acquainted with their new responsibilities. Questions were raised by board members as to the progress of finding a new Executive Director and Chief Legal Counsel. Secretary Witte responded that both those positions are in the process of being filled, however, he did not have a timeline for determining how soon those positions would be filled. 

The board did listen to public comment from different audience members. Farm Bureau offered public comment to congratulate the board on their new positions and thank them for taking time to serve the state and ag industry. We also offered any assistance to the agency to solve issues that face New Mexico Agriculture. 

It is important for all members of NMF&LB to begin to develop relationships with this new board, as issues arise those relationships can prove to be helpful as we work to advocate for agriculture within our state. If you have any questions about this meeting please contact Tanner Anderson, Regional Director for NMFLB. 

Tanner Anderson, Regional Director, NMFLB

(575) 607-0655