New Mexico Dairies

8 Billion, with a B, pounds.  That’s how much milk New Mexico dairy cows produce annually.  In fact those cows make so much milk, our state is ranked third in the nation in milk production per cow.  That milk is sold in grocery stores, served in schools, and is turned into cheese for our pizzas, tacos and enchiladas.  All of this milk provides significant tax dollars for New Mexico’s economy.  Revenue that is used to fund schools and maintain roads, things that benefit us all.  And while New Mexico’s dairy farmers are proud of their amazing production numbers, they are prouder still that they supply a safe, affordable and nutritious product from herds that are healthy and well cared for.  Many dairies employee personal vets for their herds, have nutritionist on site to make sure rations are as healthy as possible and provide clean pens with ample space to ensure the highest cow comfort.   So the next time you enjoy that ice cream cone, remember the New Mexico dairy farmer that made it possible.