Have you completed the census yet?  The 2020 Census is a simple 10-question form that counts every man, woman and child in the U.S. The results are used to allocate federal funding to each state and determine representation in Congress. Why does it matter? New Mexico receives millions of dollars from the federal government based on the results of the census, funds for schools, roads, and rural health care.  If even one percent of our state’s citizens fail to respond, we forfeit over 780 million dollars over the next ten years until the next census. Rural areas in particular are undercounted, leaving them with under-funded schools and under-staffed police and fire departments.   County Extension Programs serving farmers, ranchers and 4-H'ers are dependent on funds determined by the census, as are school lunch programs. The deadline is September 30th and you can search online for 202o census to complete the ten-minute survey. You can even take it on facebook! Just take it because it matters to New Mexico.