Chatting with Chad, 2016 Legislative Session

Since 1917 New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau has been the Voice of Agriculture in New Mexico.  For almost a hundred years we’ve been advocating for the agricultural community.  But we need your help.  Farming and ranching is facing significant challenges in the legislative session that starts today.  For the next 30 days we will once again be advocating for you, facing anti-ag legislation that could negatively impact your farm or ranch.  We will also be advocating for various bills that will secure a better future for agriculture.   

That’s where you come in.  Your presence is needed in the roundhouse.  Legislators need to hear how their actions affect you and your family.  Your personal stories have a much greater impact than all the lobbyist combined.  You have a chance to share your concerns during AgFest, Tuesday, January 26th in Santa Fe.  But you are welcome, and encouraged, to visit anytime.  It is imperative that we have boots on the ground.

 To help keep you informed, and let you know when calls for or against an issue would be meaningful, we will be utilizing calls to action.  These emails will only go out when contact with a lawmaker can make a difference, and immediate action is requested.  We must become more responsive in our advocacy and your involvement can swing votes.  Stay tuned into the daily dirt where we will keep you informed of weekly and daily activity in the legislature as the session progresses and you can always click on the legislative link of this website for weekly updates. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Santa Fe!