Chatting with Chad

It's a whirlwind of activity here in the state office as we prepare for the Summer Conference.  I hope you're planning on joining us in Taos, June 22-25th for great speakers, interesting tours and fun activities.  You'll hear a presentation from Blair Dunn about how County Use Plans can help reign in BLM efforts to reduce grazing on range lands, an update from Shad Cox, Director of the Corona Range and Livestock Research Center, and a report from the NM Department of Game and Fish about the proposed Bear and Cougar Rule.  Our tour destinations include a hydroponic tomato farm and a hops farm adjacent to a brewery.   For fun we'll be having a fundraiser cake walk, silent auction, and a washer toss tournament.  We'll also show the movie "Blue" produced by J. D. King
Remember your entire family is welcome and a children's activity room will be provided on Thursday morning and all day Friday.  Looking forward to seeing you soon as we Agvocate for the agricultural community we love.