An Opportunity to Connect
Chad Smith, NMF&LB CEO

Like everything else during COVID, this year’s 60-day legislative session will be significantly different.  Committee meetings and house and senate floor sessions will be held virtually with legislators largely participating from their homes.  While connectivity can be an issue for rural New Mexicans, for those with reliable internet service, this can be an opportunity to participate since you can log-on from your living room rather than travel to Santa Fe.  NMF&LB will be doing our part to make sure your voice is heard and that the agricultural community is represented.
Tiffany Rivera, our Director of Government Affairs will be monitoring bills for their potential impact, while Valerie Huerta, our Director of Organization, and Regional Directors Benjie Segovia and Katelin Spradley, will be communicating with our counties about opportunities for advocacy.  Keep an eye on this space, we’ll be posting links to committee meetings when they are hearing legislation that is relevant to ag and rural New Mexico, and watch for Calls to Action when your voice is imperative in the policy-making process.  Of course, anytime you want to check in with current activities go to and click on the “What’s Happening” link for a list of virtual hearings.
As always, we are here for you, working to ensure a successful future for New Mexico agriculture.