A New Year 

While you might be making resolutions for the New Year, New Mexico agriculture is looking forward to recovery.  No one could have predicted the turbulence of 2020 as lawmakers reacted to the pandemic with lockdowns and social distancing requirements.  Dairy producers suffered a plunge in demand as school closures eliminated the need for milk with cafeteria lunches.  And working from home meant no one was stopping by their favorite coffee shop for a vanilla latte with heavy cream.  Restaurant closures eliminated the demand for specialty meat cuts like leg of lamb.  And as meat processors closed to protect their employees, the beef market crashed since producers had to hold back cattle.  This meant ranchers were missing a paycheck while still buying feed.  You can help with the recovery of the ag community by making a resolution to buy local.  Eat at restaurants that feature New Mexico grown green chile, or purchase a side of beef from an area rancher.  Our state has a unique food culture, let’s help preserve it by supporting those who make it possible. This is Dalene Hodnett with the New Mexico Farm and Livestock Bureau Ag Minute.